Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple.

AutomatedApi and it's parent, Middle Coast Software, will never intentionally share your information with 3rd parties.

I feel strongly that people should not be tracked on the internet except when they desire.

Your APIs and the data you store in them are yours and also will not be independently monetized beyond your direct hosting and access costs which are built into the subscriptions provided here.

Information We Collect

Your Access and Control Over Information

You may at any time reach out via the contact information on to achieve any of the following:


We take security seriously here. Though not much personal information is collected on AutomatedApi directly, there is the potential for customers to themselves build integrations that do contain personal information.

To protect customer API data, all APIs are protected by API keys which are not shared except with or by the API owner (customer whose account contains the API definition).

All APIs and communications between them are managed through SSL protected connections.

The APIs themselves are further removed from direct access by a proxy gateway endpoint, which verifies all security constraints that are implemented before executing the request to a customer API.