Who Is AutomatedApi?


Jim Pusateri

AutomatedApi is currently a solo project. I have every intention of growing a team for this though, so don't expect this to be true forever.

I've spent a decade writing backend code for various industries. But one can only implement API code so many times before thinking something along the lines of "why the heck do I have to do this again?". My answer to that question is here, and it boils down to "you probably don't actually have to".

I'm on a mission to decrease code cruft, time wasted on boilerplate, and save developer lives by giving them back their time.


Automated API is a 100% online business, it goes where I go for now. As such, service requests can go to service@automatedapi.com.

Blogs and Such

I'm posting articles about AutomatedApi and other products over on Medium and generally poking around on Twitter. I like my code opinionated and robust and I aim to help the world see that this is a good thing. Expect occasionally divergences into homebrewing and other fun stuff.


When not hard at work or just taking a brain break to let some code problem process on the mental back backburner, Hearthstone is a preferred source of distraction. Feel free to jump in and school me: Americas/Exponentious#1366