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Need to store data?

Don't want the hassle or overhead of building new APIs from scratch?

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Tell AutomatedApi what data you want to store, and hit go...

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Connect to your new service. You'll get a familiar reference interface to work from if needed...

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Go take a break, because you just saved boatloads of time.

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Save Time!

AutomatedAPI lets you hit the ground running, so you can deliver new functionality faster. Stop spending time on code cruft and start spending it on customer facing value.

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Save Money!

AutomatedAPI generates solutions in minutes that would take developers hours. From basic models to complex object graphs, the more you build the more you save.

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Standards Compliant

AutomatedApi builds from models defined in a subset of the OpenApi 3.0 spec. Each generated service is RESTful in nature and secured by an account bound API key.

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  • 5 services
  • 50,000 requests/mo
  • Email support
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$50.00 /mo

  • 25 services
  • 250,000 requests/mo
  • Priority email support
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$100.00 /mo

  • 100 service
  • 1M requests/mo
  • Priority Email Support
  • Concierge Development for 6 services
  • Data Design Consultation
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